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Energized and ready to start anew, but I am not going to dedicate this whole blog on why I didn’t write for such a long time. The analysis would be boring and futile and probably very fabricated. Apologizing would be good if I had a public that’s still waiting for my blogs. So here it is, if you have been waiting for my posts; “Sorry for the extreme long gap!” If you are new to my blog and don’t know why the apology than let’s not fret about it and onwards to my new writings (please also read the old ones as there is still a lot to enjoy.

So here it is a new blog post. Not a new site not a new way or new insights, though of course I learned a lot about life and myself and dharma in my blogging absence but truly and honestly speaking it’s still same old me with slightly changed but still very recognizable behavior.

What has changed is the strong wish to write, and the encouragement I got from my rapid maturing sons who both really think I am on to something and shouldn’t stop. Not even stop because I stopped too long, there is no audience anymore, and other ideas I have in my mind.

Therefore I will start writing again and promised myself to write daily but to blog bi weekly. I’ll post on a Saturday evening/night so Sunday morning you’ll have time to read about my life either in the present or in it’s more (recent) past sense.

Writing is cathartic and I haven’t stopped writing on my book, though it’s really slow but also I have noticed I have come onto persons and times in my life which are still very fresh and maybe the subject of my writing (though it’s all about me) might not be so happy with my epistles. But that’s all speculation. In the past you who have been reading my blog posts have responded tremendously on my writing about my life in India so I look there for stories. Like stories for the book on the chapters of boyfriends galore.

Hope you still have the feeling of wanting to read what I’m writing and hope you will enjoy my new post as much as you did in the past. If you are new… there is still a lot to read already but of course hope you love all my posts and follow me on my explorations of life in dharma. Maturing as a Buddhist practitioner and not just as a person growing older.

Much Love – Radia, The Unusual Yogini

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