Social Media: unsocial? Not at all!

Social Media Lately I have seen many negative comments about the Internet and especially about Social Media and though I somewhat agree…. Social media can be a show case of fantastic lives and yes everyone is showing off their life at it’s best and of course you can get side tracked and think everyone’s life is better. This however also got me thinking, because the internet has brought me so much in a positive way so here my “SOCIAL Media CAN BE POSITIVE ” list

  1. Peers – The Internet has brought me many worthwhile peers. Now I have peers in my daily life circle,  like in family & friends. But really the peers I found on Facebook and through other social media have fast tracked my beliefs and experience that we are not alone in our search, our problems, our wishes… we are all very unique but a the same time we don’t differ much. – Al trapped in the same illusions?

The peers I have found in Plus size ladies, Plus size bloggers, business owners, social fanatics, my friends from “too far to visit”, the Buddhist community and the new “new age” thinkers whom, far from being vague, very much encourage an enlightened way of feeling, thinking and seeing yourself and the world around it drawn from ancient & universal wisdom.

My idea: You can find groups at levels you need support in. Whether it is emotional, attain a life at a budget because you want to save or other reasons, live greener, learn blogging, promote yourself etc, for everything there is peer group where people share their knowledge and ideas . They are a great way to cross the ocean of life together!

  1. Ideas – social media for me is like META brainstorming – like not consciously, but what I read and see constantly give me ideas to bounce off on and reflect.  I recognise periods of following experts more closely, which are followed by periods of exploring these things and skills and issues in life and within myself. Giving them form slowly. When I started on social media it sometimes sparked of jealousy and other envy issues but now it is a great way to refuel, strategise, get feedback and engage. I get IDEAS in a big way; emotional, mental, material and they are helping me to grow and change, be more open, but with discernment cutting out negative vibes I don’t need.
  1. Expertise & help – Corresponding to number 2 – social media has brought great experts, and the help needed to grow in every field, at my fingertips. I can’t say more than: Connect with great people, who are experts in the fields you wish to grow, let them inspire you – if you reach ut to them they might also help you hands on -and at first it might be overwhelming and you might feel like it’s hard to attain that status. But think again as my point; “you’ll attain your own kind of wonderful, in the way you want, at the pace you are comfortable with”
  1. Friendships Old & New – I have lived a turbulent life and lived in many places, travelled far and wide and have met so many people I connected with so profoundly…. but I never got their email addresses, telephone numbers, their parent’s addresses and sometimes even forgot their surnames. So looking up people on the early days of the internet, before Social Media, was very difficult.  Nowadays however I can easily find,chat, talk with video through Facebook or Skype, keep track of their life and offer my support when needed. I can do prayers for them and their suffering or for their wanted achievements and dedicate my merits to that same end. I love it and found back so many people I met in the  pre – social media era. People that have greatly formed me as an adult and I wanted to reconnect with.  And I’ve made many more new wonderful friends.

Are you starting to see the enormous benefits social media can bring you? Not fully yet? Here some more reasons social media can be positive.

  1. Moral watch – Sounds difficult but actually it isn’t, ok maybe a tiny bit. Let me explain: As a Buddhist, Ethics & Morality are ways to keep our mind on the right path as long as we are not truly saturated & done with the illusions of the mind and are not yet totally convinced of it’s true nature which is clear and free. So Social media has added an extra dimension; I have to watch what is real & what is it doing with my mind. I can observe my reactions and in a world of make believe (yes I know there is a lot of make believe going on in the world and not alone on social media) – I mean social media is rapidly developing and we can easily hide in a fictive persona. It is a tricky place sometimes, especially If you see shows like MTV’s Catfish. But whatever happens, I can observe to see how  I react and where I need to change and how I want to behave and be.  Also From seeing & reading negative things I have learned foremost what I don’t want & don’t like and as a result of that have made adjustments in myself to no do these kind of thing and not hurt others by what I do. So it is a great way to see how not to be and from there developing a good way, I’m comfortable with, for me to be.
  1. Fun – Social Media has brought me so much fun and the humour bouncing around has brought me better face muscles and laugh wrinkles – or is that AGE?  This is a real bonus for me working from home not having immediate colleagues around me Most of the days I’m alone behind my desk and humour is a good way to take a break to relax to feel reenergised and to feel a different perspective.
  1. Encouragement – it may not be in line with privacy of others but somehow getting glimpses of other peoples lives I get encouraged to do better, do more, do good. Actually all other  7 points in this post together make this point, it sums up why I get encouraged and feel empowered more and more. I cannot be blind to others peoples suffering, nor to my own. I need to do good and be better and not get let my minds negativities get the better of me. MY friends encourage me when I open up and even the slightest hint of not feeling well or down people write the nicest and encouraging things helping me get through it, seeing that we all suffers sometime helps me to realise , that what I already have and encourages me not to loose track of the fact that my life is rich beyond compare.
  1. Reaching out to others and others reaching out to me – Through social media I have overcome my fear/shyness to approach others in difficult times and show my support, whether in prayer, a shoulder to cry on, a ear that listens and do it in the most appropriate way possible to me at that point in time. I strive to be a friend on many levels for many people I have different connections with.  I try to reach out and the reverse is definitely also true…The support I get and feel is enormous and something I am grateful for, especially in times of need.

Much love – Radia, The Unusual Yogini

So here that is what positive side effects social media has brought me, what positive has Social media brought you, I’d love to know!

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